Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Plaguebearers - Work in progress

Waaaaay too long since I've posted. I've actually been painting a fair bit but for whatever reason completed minis aren't on my blog yet but I'll sort this out shortly.
   So some work in progress shots of my pestilent bunch of Nurgle's lesser daemons the Plaguebearers.

  The one holding his fist in the air can be found in the Citadel 1991 Red Catalogue and that range is the best range of plaguebearers in my humble opinion (even though he is well smaller than the rest). The others can be found in the 2004 Chaos Collectors' Guide so it's likely they are far younger.

   I have a horrible secret to divulge -  the younger ones are recasts but in my defence I did not buy them.  I was given them buy a friend who in turn was given them and so in no way do I feel I have contributed to the reselling of recasts. Seems a pity to waste them! They had no slottas and the mould lines and excess metal were horrendous and so I feel all that extra work means I have paid my penance.

One of them had his most of his arms chopped off and one leg and so he was destined to become …. 'The Slug Demon'!

Had quite a bit of fun with the green stuff on this one although he is going to be way to slow to ever do anything in a skirmish! Unless they let him out beforehand to slime up the battlefield.