Sunday, 7 July 2019

Stunty Leeg Eshin Adepts Team

On FUMBBL, that longstanding Java based website for playing Blood Bowl there's a sub-category of teams called Stunty Leeg. All Stunty teams they take the Stunty template of Dodge and Stunty skilled players and populate it with all sorts of fun and downright wacky rosters such as Skaven Eshin, Nurglings, Snotlings (including pump wagons!) and the bomb-slinging Tzeentchian horrors.

My friend Ed has decided to allow these teams in the second iteration of Tavern Sevens, our local Blood Bowl tournament here in Sheffield. And most coaches are now taking them with 'normal' teams in the minority!

  Here are my Eshin Adepts, a team who have odd abilities such as Shadowing and Stab as you'd expect assassins to have no doubt. Enjoy!

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