Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Papa's Pus Racer

At long last I have finished my entry for the venerable Captain Crooks' Death Race at this year's Bring Your Own Lead event. Ladies and Gents, I present you to Papa's Pus Racer:

On a planet far far away and 38,000 years in the future a trio of orphaned brothers ferreted a living scraping and collecting fungus on the Imperial Hive World Estalia IV. Puco, Chichi and Mingo would escape their terrible toil at the end of the day by sneaking off into the sand dunes after their shift and racing their precious Burninator Rodeo class convertible around the dunes, competing against the brat sons of the Hiveworld's upper class.

   All good fun but the brothers were dirt poor (literally .... sometimes it was their lunch) and they had little left after what they did have was spent on petrol. And their beloved vehicle started to fall apart - pistons were rusting, oil was eating through the bonnet and cogs had crumbled. 

The brothers despaired. What little hope they had was invested in this precious rust bucket and without it their life was nothing.

One day while they were chugging along what had started to be nicknamed 'The Shed', Chichi noticed a new bobblehead on the dashboard. It was damn ugly and fat with weird horns but it gave him a warm benevolent feeling inside. Mingo seeing his bro's confusion, reassured him : 'Aye, dontcha worry about that nuthin' bro. There were all these weird symbols and shit at the stall, but it's okay...'.  Chichi noticed the car was looking worse than ever..this weird fungus shit had started to grow in the joins and Mingo was smelling even worse than ever but hell, didn't this car work better?

  The brothers grew grosser and more decrepit over time - Puco went blind and his arms started to grow hard skin, Chichi started to grow webbing between his fingers. Some even seemed to be growing together and not only was Mingo losing his hair but he was shedding skin too. The car went the same way - the brothers won races just 'cos the other racers would swerve to avoid their shit bucket - but it ran like a dream and never faltered.

  At first the brother's were annoyed and confused when they lost their jobs and they were driven out of their shanties and into the underhive, but the more others hated them, the more warm paternal glow of the bobblehead gave them succour.

   Months later the great plague hulk Decayanius descended from the heavens and unleashed a toxic virus killing millions. But to the Espanto brothers it felt like they were going home...

Some more pictures for you all :

Talk about corrupting the innocent - this the poor child's toy I defiled to make this abomination.