Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Back from the Dead

Things have been very quiet on blogging front recently. Mainly this has been because I hit a painter's block through all of December. I've really missed the best time to post up one of those full 'Here's what I did in 2015, here's what I'm gonna do in 2016' posts so I'll keep it short and sweet.

  More painting, less buying, more focus and gaming with what I have rather than picking up the next best thing. I want to play more and better with what I have and not head off into the undergrowth like a hound after a rabbit when something shiny and sparkling new comes along.

  To that end I'm trying to combine projects where possible. I am lucky enough to have a fantastic charity shop bargain hunting fiance who found me Heroquest for the lovely sum of one pound fifty for Xmas.

If you're one of the Oldhammer crew you probably know of this game. For thirty somethings like me it what probably drew us into the fanasty mini painting and gaming hobby in the first place. It's a dungeon crawler with very simple rules, created by MB games and Games Workshop with many of the monsters and tropes that carried onto into the Warhammer World. 

   It's like a lite version of recently released Dungeon Saga from Mantic. (although Dungeon Saga was probably inspired by it and not the other way around)

   So in the spirit of keeping things simple I've decided to combine the project of getting these board games minis painted up with an Oldhammer event I'm going to in March run by Orlygg over at the Realm of Chaos 80s blog.

The mission is to take two units (one good, one evil) to the event and they must be of roughly equal sizes. For my unit the evil side will be taken up by Skeleton Grim Reapers. 

Yep the bases need more ornamentation and there's a named character, standard bearer and musician to come. The latter two will be rebased and make their way into my undead Warhammer horde after the event is done while the rest will go home to the board game.

See - nice and simple. 

Earth Golem

Earth Golem from the classic Citadel Night Horrors range. (Apologies I just realised the original post did not have the picture in it!)