Sunday, 17 July 2016

Blood Axe Ork warbike

Another edition to my little blood axe warband.

I'd picked this model up in a job lot in Oz with hundreds of other already (badly painted) mostly plastic miniatures. I decided not to strip this one as it was already painted close to the colours I had intended but this did mean many hours of removing mould lines on a painted miniature! I might think differently next time...

It's a second edition 40K ork plastic warbike, one of the few minis in this warband who I think wasn't sculpted by Goblinmaster, Kev Adams.

He's a bit smaller compared to many of the other minis but I like that he is bit overweight with his burgeoning pot belly. I need to add a flag to the pole on the back of the bike but first I need to make sure I get most of the rest of the warband done.