Sunday, 28 February 2016


This week we tried out first game of 7TV at our local gaming club with a Blake's 7 mashup with Doctor Who. Easy system to use with lots of inbuilt drama - it was fantastic fun!

This inspired me to paint up the Citadel Cyberman that has been sitting in the lead pile for about two years.

Not that happy with the shade I used - I think it dominates too much but at least he's done.

Here he is posing with best buddies the Doctor and Amy (arggh!).

Heroquest Evil Sorcerer and Skeleton Command group

Finished this evil sorcerer from Heroquest a couple of weeks ago. Yet to decide how to base him other than with a grey coat but thinking cracks and maybe some moss should be added. Loving the resemblance to that villain of my childhood Skeletor!

Also finished a skeleton drummer and standard bearer from '93. Models are pretty gawky but I think they have their awkward charm.

I'm fairly happy with my first attempt at hand painting a banner design.