Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tale of Four Gamers : Nerves of Lead Part 1

In time for this year's Bring Out Your Lead, four wise gamers decided to resurrect the Tale of Four Gamers challenge from yesteryear (now resurrected again as Tale of Four Warlords in the current White Dwarves).

The mission to paint 100 points of troops a month using the army lists from Third Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle, blog about it and then beat the snot out of each other in a 1000 point ruck. It seems they had a wonderful time of it. Orlygg's fantastic account of the battle is here.

I prodded a few others to continue this fine tradition for BOYL 2017 and so thantsants , Matthew, Adam and yours truly struck a deal to continue this fine tradition. Matthew had the idea to make it 150 points a month for 10 months.

Warlord Paul agreed to adjudicate and call us to his office if we didn't do what we promised.

And so we four struck out on our quest in September : well apart from Adam.

Adam left his painting to the last minute and then got too hungover to start it. But that's another story.

I chose the undead.  I have had an (un)healthy obsession with walking corpses since my formative years and this challenge gave me a chance to let it free.

The necromancer Neil L Far-Aged comes to 60 points, the four ghouls come to 32 points together and the mummy another 80 points making a grand total of 172 points!

The ghouls were lovely to paint and despite being from different ranges they look great together.

It's nearing mid-October and I'm yet to get painting on the next 150 points so I'd best get to it pronto!