Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nurgle Goodness

  Sorry I've been quiet recently. Time has been taken up by 40K playing and work rather than painting so much but I have managed to paint up a couple of these beauties. My havoc squad in the Nurgle Chaos Space Marine army have been a solid part of the force and so are definitely destined for painting.

Here are a couple of finished ones, one with autocannon and another with a missile launcher:

Apologies for the crap lighting - I need to get better at this type of thing. The older readers among you may recognise that the big guy is from Space Crusade. A blast from the past and a lot easier and cheaper to pick one up cheap from eBay than one of the newer missile launcher dudes. The other guy is metal from the mid nineties (I think). I like mixing up the styles - it is Chaos after all. Why would they be uniform? ;)

   I'll post some more up in the future. A significant while age I completed another two whole units completed for my Nurglites :)

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