Saturday, 26 July 2014

Decayed Goodness

  A friend of my girlfriend's recently asked me to send some pictures of my minis which has encouraged me to try and get better at lighting (as his were lit so well).

   So here are my zombies so far for my Vampire Counts army - admittedly they need basing.

Next up is my unit of Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, kitbashed from a space marine assault squad, chaos knights and VC zombies. The Champion is a favourite of mine.

And lastly my Nurgle Chaos Cultists from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. These are some of my favourite recent mins that GW have released. Really easy and enjoyable to paint too.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Nurgle Goodness

  Sorry I've been quiet recently. Time has been taken up by 40K playing and work rather than painting so much but I have managed to paint up a couple of these beauties. My havoc squad in the Nurgle Chaos Space Marine army have been a solid part of the force and so are definitely destined for painting.

Here are a couple of finished ones, one with autocannon and another with a missile launcher:

Apologies for the crap lighting - I need to get better at this type of thing. The older readers among you may recognise that the big guy is from Space Crusade. A blast from the past and a lot easier and cheaper to pick one up cheap from eBay than one of the newer missile launcher dudes. The other guy is metal from the mid nineties (I think). I like mixing up the styles - it is Chaos after all. Why would they be uniform? ;)

   I'll post some more up in the future. A significant while age I completed another two whole units completed for my Nurglites :)