Sunday, 1 February 2015

Vapnartak 2015

Today I had the pleasure of going to Vapnartak 2015, the self-proclaimed top wargaming event of the North. This is my first event of this type having rediscovered the hobby when in Oz which is a bit lacking in these type of the things.
  It was great to be able to pick up and browse minis face to face as opposed to online which had been my only option previously. I'd been wanting to buy something from Foundry for a while and got my chance today (excuse the pesky public in the pic).
There were some demo games being played on sumptuous boards as well. My fave had to be this Shaun of the Dead game.

And for the goodies I got...I acquired a bunch of Escher and Necromunda creatures, lotR Galadriel, Celtic women warrior from Midlam, Foundry Street Violence blister and bunch of old White Dwarfs and old Gorkamorka Da Uvva book. Good haul :)


  1. Aargh iPad issues..was not meant to be whole post. Would have waxed lyrical about the goodies I got and playing an upcoming board game with one of the guys who runs Midlam Miniatures -

    Easy to play, and fun, I can imagine playing it with the other half :)

  2. Nice haul, that town layout/board looks like a ton of fun, a Shaun of the Dead game sounds hilarious.

    I really like a lot of Foundry minis, there's a not Mister T in the Street Violence range that I've got to get (amongst others) one of these days.

  3. They defo have some cool stuff. Pity they didn't bring their fantasy range though. Yep saw Not Mr T as part of their B team blister. Remind me or James when we go to BOYL 2015 and I'll make sure he brings you back a blister :)

  4. LLP all your pics seem to have been removed or something :s i can't seeeee! Sounds like good fun, and CvB, make sure you gimme a shopping list ;)

  5. That's weird because I can see them and I think Bruno can too? I uploaded them on an iPad so maybe that's why? Can email them to you if you want?