Sunday, 29 November 2015

Winter Anarchy

This weekend I participated in a Blood Bowl tournament up in Doncaster run by my friend Flick - Winter Anarchy. It has some nice spins to the game such as the ability to throw snowballs at players (which have no in game effect but there is a prize for those who hit with the most) and free bribes for players with chainsaws.
  I came sixth out of eight and there were lots of different races in the team line up. Since people like pics of minis the most, here are some with pics taken by Flick of each of the teams posing in his home made stadium (which is awesome by the way - I need to find some pics of the whole thing).

Flick's Dark Elves (converted from the third ed Dark Eldar minis)

Rich's awesomely painted Chaos Pact team

Stuart's Dwarves

Matt's Chaos

My orc team the Splintered Knee

Gav's Orc team

Cam's Wood Elves

Bill's Dwarves

And a pic of the prizes :)

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