Sunday, 27 November 2016

Chaotic Villager - The Flasher

Over at the Oldhammer forum Axiom has been running a challenge to convert/paint a collection of models who form an imaginary C49 Chaotic Villagers range - a nice twisted parallel cousin to the classic Citadel C46 Villagers range (which followers of this blog would know I'm a big fan of).

I've ummed and ah'ed for months now about what I would contribute. Having nothing that could be used as it is, I knew I would have to convert something. I came up with a couple of ideas that were eventually dispensed with until I found a very plastic modelI got with a third party Blood Bowl vendor.

Originally this fella had a nappy where his mutation now sits. I shaved it off with a modelling knife and sculpted the eyeball on with greenstuff. After it set I then finished off by modelling his eyelid and tentacles.
 It was a doddle to paint although the model is lacking somewhat in detail.

There were are - Heinrich the villager flasher. Best avoid the bulge under his coat.


  1. It's a wonderful entry, both in concept and realisation, really. It's properly chaotic and tongue in cheek. Brilliant.

  2. Thanks Mr A! I often find I have concepts of conversions in my head which I have to strive to find the parts for. Meanwhile in this case the model itself seemed to suggest the conversion by his cheeky bravado....