Thursday, 31 March 2016


A quartet of shuffling undead horrors for your perusal.

The first two are Necromunda plague zombies and despite having a sci-fi purpose they looking perfectly fine for fantasy. I mistook the pipes in their hands for bones but I figured some screwy necromancer or other weirdo has grafted metal banding to them then what the hell?

  The second is from Harlequin miniatures and the last is a classic Citadel miniature from the long gone but not forgotten Fiend Factory range. I think the first three scale well against each other even if the last one is a bit 'blobby' - still lots of Oldschool charm though!

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dead containers

Ah coffins and sarchopaguses. Ordinarily the domain of the recently departed but in the hands of the necromancer they can become a box of nasty shocks.

Hello handsome!

The miniature is very old Grenadier ('83 I think) - I like the cheeky chap inside.

Some more pics and angles...

In the spirit of some more dead containers, a couple of classics from the old Citadel Night Horrors range (my own personal obsession). The coffin can either hold an ordinary corpse or a mummy however you deem fit - now that's flexibility!

All of this is intended as scenery for a homebrew game for myself and my partner. More to follow on that....