Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Tale of Four Gamers : Nerves of Lead Part 3

For this month's entry I decided to bite the bullet and actually get a substantial number of troopers done in earnest. I just love skellies. I don't know why but they are simple to paint if unarmored and the old Citadel ones are some of the best.  But this little lot is a whole hotch potch.

I don't know where the clumsier sculpts are from. They are preslotta - I suspect they're Ral Partha. There's a citadel one on the end from the C18 range. The grave guard and drummer are pure Middlehammer Citadel while the guys at the back are actually Foundry (under the alias Casting Room miniatures) and so quite modern but with a definite old school vibe about them.

Here's a close up of the back row in case you want a closer look.

I really like these sculpts and so I think I'll get more of them. I love that they have sculpted expressions on what (should be) static skulls.

This lot come to 130 points. However I overcompensated in month 1 by painting 172 points so with the grand total so far of 452 points I am somehow still on target.

So what's next for December? Well there will probably be more boney offerings but of quite a different ilk... Stay tuned for more on that.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Chaotic Villager - The Flasher

Over at the Oldhammer forum Axiom has been running a challenge to convert/paint a collection of models who form an imaginary C49 Chaotic Villagers range - a nice twisted parallel cousin to the classic Citadel C46 Villagers range (which followers of this blog would know I'm a big fan of).

I've ummed and ah'ed for months now about what I would contribute. Having nothing that could be used as it is, I knew I would have to convert something. I came up with a couple of ideas that were eventually dispensed with until I found a very plastic modelI got with a third party Blood Bowl vendor.

Originally this fella had a nappy where his mutation now sits. I shaved it off with a modelling knife and sculpted the eyeball on with greenstuff. After it set I then finished off by modelling his eyelid and tentacles.
 It was a doddle to paint although the model is lacking somewhat in detail.

There were are - Heinrich the villager flasher. Best avoid the bulge under his coat.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Tale of Four Gamers : Nerves of Lead Part 2

In October I went through a bit of a painting burnout so my entry for that month was a bit cheap and easy. Wraith are all cloak and sickle anyway so he was was a quick job but it's still 150 points in the bag.

Now onto November's entry. No slacking this month - I've got eleven skellies to do!