Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Tale of Four Gamers Nerves of Lead Part 6 - The Black King : Laomann the Abominable

The Black King : Laomann the Abominable

"Let me tell you a story. In the days when Sigmar was the first Emperor, over in the mysterious and barbaric lands of Albion numerous tribes wandered its fertile and misty fens fighting for glory and territory. One of the most powerful tribes, the Dornacates, was ruled by the powerful and strong King Gildas who in turn had sired two heirs - the fair Elerig and the weak and consumptive Laomann.

As was tradition the eldest son, Elerig, was set to inherit the command of the tribe upon his father's death while the second son would be the head of its mystic order. The Dornacates fought often and valiantly to defend their women and the children and beat back many tribes of men as well as the fen dwelling one eyed demons who stole their women and slaughtered its men. 

As was tradition at the age of fourteen Laomann was sent out alone into the marshes for thirty days and thirty nights to experience the visions gifted by the spirits. No one truly knows what happened to him there. Legends later say he died and the God of Death Mortus showed him the afterlife. Others say he was seduced by the fen monsters into rites of arcane and forbidden lore. Whatever happened he came back changed and more attuned to the magical arts, displaying considerable power compared to the parlour tricks of the tribe's witch doctors.

Meanwhile his father had died from an infected wound and upon his return the brave Elerig took control of the tribe while Laomann took control of its mystical order. Elerig was loved by his people - while he went to battle when needed he was fair and just to his tribesman in peace and he ruled this way for a year. He had a child called Kadec by his beautiful wife and for a time life for the tribe was good.

However Elerig started to succumb to a rotting disease and within weeks the flesh was peeling from his bones and he was more skeleton than man. In his dying breath he proclaimed Kadec his heir and that his wife should supervise him until he came of age. 

But it was not to be - no sooner had he died then he rose again. An automaton driven by dark arts and with his treacherous brother powering him through dark arts, the baby was torn limb from limb before he crushed he took the head of his beloved wife into his grasp and crushed it.

Others rose from their slumber, decayed hands clawing the earth and pulling themselves up to rend the living. Hundreds of tribesmen and women died through cold hearted murder and betrayal before Laomann gathered them cowering in front of him and told them that they can serve him - either as the living or the dead. They chose the former.

And with that he forced them into never ending wars to conquer that blighted Isle - as his power spread the land wilted and the living suffered, died to be born anew in his absolute control.

Yet there were darker forces in Albion than even the Black King. The one eyed demons returned and through twisted magic and brutal force decimated the Abominable One's forces. 

He was left to flee with a small number of his tribesmen who motivated by brutal vengeance decided to bury him in a perverse mockery of their burial rites - alive and breathing.

Little did they know that the enchanted jewel in the Black King's crown was dowsed into dark necromantic magics and would sustain him beyond the rot that would decimate his mind and his body. As his sanity deteriorated and his skin fell from his bones he would find himself alone in his perpetual tomb and a skeletal husk of his former self - truly the King of Worms.

Those who punished him did have sense to avoid any burial grounds though and interred him high on a rocky mountain so his dark magic could not turn the living to his aid.

After many thousands of years fate turned it's fickle hand to the Black King once more when a band of exploring Norsca froze to death near his resting place. Cold dead fingers soon began the long process of releasing their master and Laomann the Abominable would turn his vengeful gaze on the world once more..." 

Undead General: Level 10 Liche with hand weapon and two level 1 scrolls - 190 points


  1. Love the back story - gives me a few ideas for a decent narrative or setting for the game!

    1. Thanks! Well done for getting through all of it :) After writing I am also tempted to run an Albionese tribe army using the Norsca list or a Fimir horde