Monday, 17 April 2017

Pulp Alley - In Space!!

Good morning. Just a short post of some miniatures I painted up recently for a science fiction themed Pulp Alley game. Here we have a cybernetic ally enhanced scientist, his servo droid and a computer console.

I don't remember who makes the console. It is a self assembly MDF kit and it's the my first foray into this particular material. I'd heard all kind of horror stories about the material warping when painted but I was pleasantly surprised that it was both easy to assemble and paint. 

I've got mixed feelings on the effect I painted on the monitor - I used a mixture of paints and inks for this. I don't think I quite achieved that. 

I was trying to aim for that swirly effect that many sixties and seventies science fiction TV shows and films had on the monitors in spaceships and space bases.

Moving on to the scientist. I just love Crooked Dice miniatures. Their sculpting is so crisp and so characterful while their retro and pulp themed line are right up my alley (see what I did there?). I'm not sure this figure is still on release as I can't find it on their website.  In our scenario he was a kidnapped renegade human scientist forced by my genocidal Ordo Xenos Inquisitor to design a viral bomb to the destroy the inhabitants of the planet of the Space Slann!

The servo droid is also from Crooked Dice. He did have an open hatch but I rather stupidly glued it shut - more's the pity as it was a nice touch to the miniature. He was from the Blake's Seven 'inspired' set the Federated Security which is also no longer on the site.

Expect to see more Crooked Dice up on the blog in the future of the 'not Doctor who' variety!

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