Monday, 15 September 2014

Mordheim Dreg and the Religious Freebie

My Mordheim warband is almost complete. In a painting splurge yesterday I finished two ghouls and a direwolf. One of the ghouls is from the Night Horrors range and is my own little Oldhammer injection into the warband. The second dire wolf unfortunately lost his head down our unnaturally large plug hole but luckily my warband only has one on the roster for now. Unfortunately the pictures did not come out too well but I did finish my dreg 'Arthur Drekweild' tonight (the pics will be put up later for the rest).

  You may recognise the mini - he was one of the Night Goblins included in the Citadel starter set a few years ago. There were much sweat and tears in converting this little fella including an unsuccessful pin a restarted green stuff job and an emergency order of a goblin shaman arm from the US. All in all I am quite happy with the concept if not the execution - the green stuff job on his left sleeve does not quite fit the other sleeve but despite this I think it looks okay.

  Poor little sod - not only was he born prenaturally small but the warpstone of Mordheim twisted his features so he looks like a goblinoid. I like that he seems to be leaning on his bow, giving the impression of being quite frail.

The guy is waving his skull wand, bringing another poor once-human into unlife. I figured he dotes on his dark sorceress mistress Izel Chamahez, so much so he aids her endeavours into the dark arts of necromancy with her.  She is last on the painting list for this crew.

 More dregs will be on their way eventually, helped by the acquisition of two from Captain Crooks as well as receiving another one in a recent eBay lot. Talking of ebay, I recently received this with a handful of Ral Partha miniatures I ordered from this auction site.

Now I'm not religious and I don't hold anything against those who are, but isn't a Christian cartoon pamphlet a weird inclusion especially in a mini order including a female demon with her wobbly bits out??


  1. I wasn't sold on the night goblin idea until i saw the end result - what a great little dreg! You've managed to degoblinify that little guy enough to make him look the part :D

    If you ever need parts of various kinds always check with me first, I have lots of parts from a range of armies and we have our special courier system to ensure swift delivery every time ;)

  2. Thanks :) The 'degoblinification' process also included filing off his sharp teeth as well ;) For such a simple figure, it was quite a difficult conversion including chopping off much of the left side of his body for it to be resculpted with green stuff. The funny thing is I have found he is too small to see over walls to fire his bow in battle lol.
    I'll definitely get in touch regarding needed bits and be sure to let me know if I can help in the same way. I have a very diverse pile when it comes to undead and anything bone-related ;)