Monday, 13 October 2014

Found: Wayward Heroquest Skeleton at Medieval Fair

Sorry I have been a bit AWOL from the blog recently. I have plenty of exciting stuff coming up soon what with the promise of a game of Necromunda at our next meet - yay! This has meant plenty of researching colour schemes for my goliath gang as well as realising I don't have appropriate minis for heavies or my leader. Much pondering and I have realised I will just have to cobble some together from the Catachan command boxed set - even if this gives me a perfectly valid reason to break my oath not buy any more minis *whistles*

I already have a juve almost painted up and a pic will be on its way once I have made my lightbox...

As well as this I finished off my Chaos Marine Sorcerer and started painting my greenstuffed skeleton pirates.

Speaking of skeletons check out my wonderful girlfriend's purchase for me at a medieval fair! Can't think of anywhere more appropriate to find this little guy....

(PS. In case you are wondering that is not my girlfriend in the picture but a friend of hers who found the smelly)


  1. She found the smelly?

    Nice score, looking forward to seeing your Golaiths and Pirate Skellies-not to mention the finished Magus.

    I had completely forgotten that he got super krak missiled in our last game!

  2. Oops 'smelly' indeed - the power of predictive text lol. Yep, krak missiled only a few feet a mind controlled trooper from his own side. The shame! ;)