Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Goliaths are coming!

The last few weeks have been chaotic with preparations for my girlfriend leaving the country and so the miniature painting front has been a bit slow. Now that's all done I will have a lot more time on my hands and so expect to see a lot more from me on this blog.
  Next weekend is BYOL III (Bring Your Own Lead) Australia  (as I like to call it) where I'll be duking it out with Captain Crooks and Count von Bruno in games of Necromunda and 2nd edition 40K. And so I need a Necromunda gang! Goliaths being my mob of choice...

These are just work in progress shots and I now have six days including today to finish them!

Along with Escher, Goliaths are my fave Necromunda gang in terms of how they look. I think it is the physical brutality of the guys. They look as if they would just headbutt a wall for fun if they were bored. As well as this they also have a very Mad Max vibe to them.

  The plastic goliaths and the metal juve were acquired by eBay while the rest of the minis are the Catachan command squad acquired from my local friendly game store. They look good standing against each other even if the Catachans are skinnier than the plastic Goliaths but they ooze personality even for plastic. I particularly like the leader (the guy with the chainsword and bolt pistol) - he looks so smug.

To base them I have used broken up dead coral as well as chopped up empire bits - artillery weapons, banner poles and even part of a pistol.

Will keep you posted as they progress... :)


  1. I wouldn't fret too much about finishing them by the weekend, I've been painting my Orlocks since 1998 and they still aren't finished :D

  2. Yeah I think Kieran has a few Escher too finish off too ;) I sure will try though even if it only means base coat plus washes *fingers crossed*

  3. I have one of those plastics rummaging around somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.
    The Goliaths are my favourite gang (explains why I have Escher?) - I think my brother used to have an Orlock gang made from Catachans.

    Painted or not, I'm looking forward to our game(s)!