Monday, 1 December 2014

Ma latest boootay….

Sometimes it just feels proud to boast and I just wanted to show off my latest 'haul' as a number of orders as all came in at the same time.

  I recently got myself a bunch of imperial guard I acquired across a couple of lots - mid to late nineties metal and a horde of plastic. Recently did a trade for stuff a lot more characterful and closer to my tastes - selection of metal including Gaunt's Ghosts, Last Chancers, Escher, an Underhive Scum for Necromunda and a broken plague bearer. I am a happy bunny :)

Next bunch I bought was from an Australian war gamer trading forum. On the face of it I bought a bunch of Mordheim cultists but I wasn't annoyed when I noticed a couple weren't and are probably far older. I may use the guy in the KKK hat in my chaos cultist squad…Just stick an auto pistol on him and voila!

Number three is of the book variety rather than lead. I have been hunting for the Mordheim book for aaaages finally I bought it with Town Cryer from Ricky Hartley on the Oldhammer Trading forum for a very reasonable price (along with a free Mordheim coin). Top guy.

And lastly not Citadel or GW related at all but I recently participated in the Kickstarter for Johnny Lauck's Salvage Crew miniatures. They have a real Oldhammer feel to him and could be happily used as inquisitor acolytes, cultists, necromunda gangers or general rogue trader types. The personality really shines through in the sculpts even if some of the gun sculpts are a bit dodgy but can't really complain. I even have sentry droids :)

Full pictures for the (unfortunately expired) Kickstarter are here….

And now back to that knight I promised to paint…….


  1. They do have a very oldhammer 40K feel. If you look at the Mega-minis pics, it's not as noticeable.

    You got some great loot. I want a few of the infantry guys to sneak in to my Imperial Army horde, and that guy with the mohawk.

    1. You might be in luck. I can ferret around for it but I think I have mohawk guy still? Let me know via email - I'd be interested in a trade.