Friday, 28 November 2014

The Good, The Bad and the Decidedly Neutral

For some reason I can't seem to get my painting mojo on recently and minis are lying around unfinished. However I have some minis to display that may be of interest. The long awaited Necromancer I used in my Mordheim game with Captain Crooks, Radagast the Brown and a buxom pub landlady from Reaper Bones.

Radagast the Brown ('The Good'). I don't use this guy for gaming and so the reason for his getting the brush was that one day I decided I painted too much ugly and evil (you may notice this is a tendency of mine). I asked my girlfriend to pick a miniature for me to paint and this guy was chosen. I tried the technique where you mix the same base colour with every colour used (obviously brown). He was quite frustrating to paint as he was first metal miniature I painted in about 16 years and I was annoyed the paint didn't seem to hold. I have the more recent Sylvester McCoy version of this miniature too which I want to paint. I intend to paint ever Lord of the Rings character as some point.

My Mordheim Necromancer ('The Bad'). A lovely mini from Reaper. I like it that someone produced a voodoo necromancer as opposed to the crusty old men most lines produce. The base is fairly big but it did allow me to put on a mini diorama of a recently resurrected zombie scrabbling out of the earth ('Braaaains….').

 The Wench ('The Neutral'). Reaper's name for her not mine! I just bought her on whim after Captain Crooks mentioned he likes to buy something every time he goes to the FLGS we play at - the excellent Gamescube in Paramatta. I echoed the sentiment. She was fun and easy to paint and a handful of dollars. I imagine she is welcoming once your enter her establishment but trucks no nonsense once inside. The Reaper Bones line looks to be excellent for use in roleplaying adventures in particular.
  'Til next time :)


  1. That's a good strong wench, six pints.

    1. A woman that can please 6 men at once is definitely a keeper ;)

  2. She has creamy frothy goodness at the end of her fingertips