Sunday, 2 August 2015

Bring Out Your Lead 2015

Bring Out Your Lead is an annual event about all things Oldhammer. People play with with Citadel Miniatures from its heyday play editions of games that were once and now are not other than in the hearts and minds of Oldhammerites, meet the creators of those games and that universe and generally have a good time.
  Unluckily I only got to attend Day 1 but luckily my girlfriend got some great pics of the event. First up pics of JB's fun game 'Do Rogue Traders dream of Electric goats?' where an assortment of factions battle it out in an Blade Runner like atmosphere of paranoia trying to sift out who is who while trying to make sure they don't shoot their friends of protect their enemies.

Next up Warhammer Ahoy - the quality of the fantastical ships were just astounding. As you can see the one with the balloons was a fave of Irina's.

Sneaky pic of Oldhammer godfathers Ricky Priestley and Anthony Ackland.

Axiom checking out excellent Ackland art with the great man beside him.

'Cool man, wicked old lead........' Some random fool.


  1. You got my best side ;) Good to meet up (and exchange bullets!).

  2. in any other circumstance it would be a strange admission but the feeling is mutual :) Can't wait for my colony 87 Slann :)