Sunday, 16 August 2015

Da Blood Bowl Orcs

I'd started painting and playing Blood Bowl just so I could get involved in the OldBowl tournament at BOYL this year. Unfortunately I did not plan my time well and only had most of the Orc team roughly base coloured by the time of the tournie, and after seeing the standard of the painting at BOYL I shamefacedly sank home at midday to finish them. Then public transport issues scuppered plans to return on the Sunday!
  However on a positive note, I then did proceed to finish off the paint jobs on my boyz. In my opinion the third edition orc plastic BB team are up there with some of the best of their plastic kits.

Da Black Orcs

  The second from the left is a modern plastic Orc warrior with the weapons lopped off. Fits right in my humble opinion.

The Lineman.

Both easy and a joy to paint.


Blitzers. The middle guy is a second edition metal.

Star Player Varag Ghoul Chewer. A classic sculpt.

I've been playing BB on the iPad and am realising how useful a goblin can be so at some point I will add one and a troll to the lineup (I already have the minis) as well as the team's retinue including cheerleaders, assistant coaches, an apothecary etc etc. I'm thinking this BB suits my painting pace well as it's actually possible to finish a team despite my turtle speed!

Next up having been inspired by greenskins I'm working on an Ork Blood Axe Rogue Trader warband. Pics coming soon!

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