Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Radical Ordos Xenos Warband of Akexis Krahni - Part 1

I think it's interesting how some painting projects grow and develop over time. Some are planned with a military style precision with set objectives and sometimes even deadlines, some develop organically like a plant stalks and leaves develop and branching off from a set of roots.

 My inquisitorial warband project is one of the latter - I read the mini codex for 7th edition of 40K for Inquisitors and captured by the background I decided to build a small warband. The creative freedom afforded by these groups is immense as in principle an Inquisitor will rope into service anyone he or she thinks will get the job done.

The idea sat in the back of my brain for a while until I read the 'Oldhammer Salvation Army' thread at the Oldhammer forum (located here - where the idea was that peeps show off their unfinished models and another volunteer is sent that model on the proviso they finish it. Asslessman from that forum showed this model and I eagerly took it off his hands to paint it up to be my Inquisitor.

And this is the final result.

A little back of back story (as who doesn't like backstory?) ...

Akexis Kranhni is of the Ordo Xenos. Secretly he has no religious faith in the Imperial Creed or the corruption posed by the Xenos but perpetuates these ideologies as he believes they are useful tools for the defence of mankind and the threats it faces. The rod he holds was acquired after the purge of a diminutively populated alien race called the H'chanti. He claims it emits a manifestation of the Emperor's Divine Will reducing those under its gaze to docility until they regain themselves but it is a composite piece - the globe was retrieved from the ruins of the devastated alien civilisation. Some other inquisitors suspect his heresy and would like to see him struck from the order or worse.

The fella to his left has the moniker Greener Creed, and is a vicious and brutish bounty hunter who puts his knuckles before his ethics. Akexis encountered him on the hive world of Burnstein III after he traced a significant haul of Tau tailored weaponry being illegally distributed through the Imperium and tasked himself with tracing every item down. 

Not wishing to blow his cover he won a knife fashioned using the circuitry of a Tau equalizer from Greener in a card game. Greener then ambushed him outside attempting to pummel the Inquisitor to give it back. The fist fight lasted twenty long minutes and eventually Akexis bested Greener and gave him an ultimatum.  Either join him in paid work or spend the rest of his life in a labour camp for his crimes.

  The rest of the warband will follow soon..follow this blog to keep yourself posted!

NB. I owe a big thank you to JB who not only contributed my Inquisitor model but has also given me much photography and lighting advice! 

His very excellent blog is here -


  1. Inquisitor Khranhi looks great. I like the no nonsense look to him. I assume there are some exotic xenos henchmen to come?

  2. Great post Ashley !
    It's a pleasure seeing Khranni painted up after languishing for so long in my leadpile !
    I love the cynism and hypocrisy of your Inquisitor, typical of this sort of characters. Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang and why not have a game agianst them in some future !

    1. Thanks JB! Some of the rest of the Warband you saw at BOYL but there are a couple of surprises in store on their way as well :)