Sunday, 13 September 2015

The Radical Ordos Xenos Warband of Akexis Krahni - Part 2

As promised, here is the second post showing the members of my Radical Ordos Xenos Warband. These two are the mercenary sisters Florence and Celeste Duvalier, thrill seekers who tag along with Alexis for the exciting life of hunting and tracking exotic alien breeds.

I've tried to keep orange and purple as the colours that link all the members of the warband without trying to make it a uniform.

The first miniature is from Hasslefree and its tone fits a rogue trader/space pirate vibe perfectly while the second is from the Street Violence range from War-games Foundry. It was fun to paint a purple afro!


  1. I really like the bands so far; I'd probably have wanted to pick another colour for the coat to contrats from the skin tone but apart from that I really love the funky feeling they give and thos ebright colours mixed with more earthly ones really work to give that good oldschool vibe, excellent !

  2. Good point JB. I think I did consider having both coats grey but then decided it would look like a uniform and sisters wouldn't be seen wearing the same thing :) but I could have gone dark blue/black