Thursday, 30 June 2016

Blood Axe Orks Big Mob

  Sorry that I've been away for away too long ...

  Pesky real life got in the way in the form of buying a house. While I have been painting the setup at the new place in only slowly getting less chaotic and so hindering me from blogging about them or actually finding them!

  Anyway to make up for this here is a whole unit I've painted which is part of a Blood Axe Ork Army I'm preparing.

Here's pics of the unit split out:

And now altogether:

The army list is being drawn up using the rules from 'Ere We Go which is a supplement to Rogue Trader, the very ever first incarnation of what would become to be known as Warhammer 40K.

Each Ork Clan gets it's own list (a clan has it's own cultural identity) and the untrustworthy, human mimicking Blood Axes can employ humans and Ogryns in their number which attracted me due to the variety this allows me.

The army is being prepared for a Rogue Trader 'tournament' at Bring Your Own Lead in August (from the 5th to the 7th) which is probably the biggest 'Oldhammer' event in the UK. Like minded individuals play the games and field the figures of Games Workshop's golden past - it's not to be missed if you can get there.


  1. Looking great Ash, the non clan specific RT Orks are perfect for Blood Axes.

    Love the red spike on the plastic guy's helmet, in my trawling experience it's hard to find one of those still intact!

    Any plans for Human mercs etc?

    1. Thanks Bruno! It's my first go at painting figures from that plastic ork boxed set so I had not realised the spikes were that rare. Must remember that in future.

      I intend to have mercs down the line and I have a few figures from the Chainsaw Warrior range lined up for that but I need more.

      How are your Orks coming on? Would love to see pictures if you have them :)

    2. I have about 30 boys, 2 nobs, 2 bosses, mekaniak and a painboy done and haven't touched them in yonks...last thing I did was strip and then undercoat an egg dreadnought for them.

      Human advisors, mercs and Ogryn are big draws for going Blood Axes in my book.

    3. Yep defo. Human advisor is in the works and coming soon :)