Thursday, 7 April 2016

Corabell from Terror of the Lichemaster

I recently acquired the miniature for Corabell from the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario (the flyer of which is pictured here - courtesy of Richard 'Orclord' Hale).

I had not particularly focused on this miniature to acquire it for it's history but because I am buying a small group of villagers for a scenario of my own and she definitely fitted what I had in mind. Like many figures of its time, it has floated between ranges and has also featured in Citadel's C46 Villagers range.

Let's admit it, it's not the best sculpted or prettiest of miniatures but it does have that indefinable but yet distinctive character that much of modern GW fare lacks.

What I didn't reckon on was how hard it would be to paint! It's not clear where some features start and some finish - part of her hair could be an earring or not, it's not clear where her top finishes and her hair begins and some parts of the sculpt are quite crude (for instance her outstretched hand). Using a wash only served to accentuate these imperfections in particular on her hair and so I had to repaint that part of her all over again.

All in all a miniature I was just glad to finish painting. Apologies for the lighting. Due to a recent hurried house move I don't have access to my normal daylight lamps. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


  1. What a wonderful series of colour tones you have achieved here. Lovely and very natural lookings. These old villager figures are very popular and it is easy to see why. Sure, they are a little clumsy in the sculpting here and there (as you have said) but the sheer range and character of the models in incredible. You planning on doing anymore from the Terror of the Lichemaster scenario?

  2. Thanks for the compliment James :) Although I had not intended to collect all the models from the scenario I quite like the look of some of the others - it would be nice to acquire Gim Grundel, Fritzy and Mikael Jacsen and of course if Krell and Kemmler himself if I am lucky (or rich) enough!

    I agree entirely on the range and character of the villagers range and I have few more in the painting queue that will be appearing on the blog in upcoming weeks.