Thursday, 25 August 2016

40K Chaos Cultist and Genestealer

Just a couple of finished models tonight. First up, is a 40K Chaos Cultist I converted just because I hadn't assembled my own converted creation for many a month and I had an itch to scratch.

Work in progress pictures

This smelly devotee of the Plague God was made up of Empire, Fantasy Chaos, Imperial Guard and Gorkamorka Ork parts and was a pretty easy job to ease myself back in. Here are the pics of the final painted model.

The second model is a test model for the Genestealer v Genestealer BOYL game next year. I'm sold on the colours but I think I might go for a lighter pink on the extremities. The purple is quite rich - it's just that the colour seems to have become washed out in the shot.

And in case you're feeling in a philanthropic frame of mind, I'm doing a 20 mile walk with work fellows into the rugged climes of the Peak District and back again to Sheffield this weekend if the rain holds off. It's all to help assist UNICEF in their work to support children in war zones so any donations made are much appreciated! Just follow the link if you wish to contribute :)

Until next time!


  1. Nice work Ashley - love the cultist.

    I was wondering how you guys were going to differentiate between each others' genestealers in the game if you all went with the traditional blue and purple - the new colour scheme looks great!

    1. Thanks :) I think the colouring poses other problems such as the hybrids colouring - normally their skin is tinged with the colour of the genestealer stock that propagated them. I'll have to find a way of utilising that without it being too naff. Bright yellow might seem a bit naff!

    2. A nice jaundiced pallor should do it!

    3. Yeah might not just go quite as bright and go for a similar pink for any fingernails or bones :)