Saturday, 3 September 2016

Rogue Trader battle : Ork Versus Squats

I managed to find an opponent for Rogue Trader at my local games club and had a skirmish this week with my Blood Axe Orks versus his Squats.
There'd been a miscommunication and I'd brought 500 points while he'd brought double that so there was a lot of Nob promotion and additional equipment brought to bear to bring my total closer but I still ended up 200 points under.
  I'd brought the warboss and his retinue riding in their rhino, a large squad of 10 boyz with bolters, a smaller squad with bolt pistols and a mek, runtherd and a shok attack gun with a couple of bases worth of Snotling ammunition.
I'm no stunty expert but he'd brought 3 (or 4?) squads of squats, a trike and a couple of heavy looking dudes in exo-armour.
  The foot troops slogged it up the table with minimal casualties on each side, while the heavy weapon squats nestled up in the building took pot shots at my rhino. The trike shot at my smaller squad while took casualties but eventually both squats riding it were shot with the bike careering off the battlefield.
  My rhino got bogged down in terrain so my warboss took the executive decision to disembark with he and his nobs dodging heavy weapon behind walls and craters.

  Meanwhile the shok attack offloaded its frenzied snots behind the middle squad and into a protracted combat with the middle squat squad. Another squad joined that combat and eventually got rid of the nuisances but they are a right pain with spore weapons!
The larger ork squad eventually engaged a  squat squad in combat and was eventually defeated. But after the middle of the battleground battle with the snots, the rhino proceeded to drive up and down over the squat almost obliterating them all. The remaining squats used their krak grenade on it, immobilising it and rendering it all but useless. 
  Meanwhile the remaining nobs (and humie advisor) legged it to the building and engaged in a prolonged combat with the heavy weapon squats. We called it a night at one point at which time there were only two nobz and the stationary rhino on my side and about 5 squats on the other.
  All in all good fun but the vehicle turning rules are very clunky!


  1. A hummie adviser?...Rogue Trader is great. It's terrific you found another enlightened fan.

    I really like your Rhino paint scheme.

  2. And I'm disappointed that the squats didn't annihilate the green skins. Sorry, but the squats are the good guys.

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the rhino! I based the painting style on Mustafa Bekir who made the landraider for me which is shown in a past post - the colour choices are all mine though.

      The game was a close thing and the last surviving nobs had already run off before getting into combat with the squats who outnumbered them. I suspect you would have seen the result you wanted if the game had gone on a turn or more but history will never know :)