Friday, 22 August 2014


  Just a little post today. A quick pic of a recent game of Mordheim where my undead trucked out it out with Captain Crooks' zealot witchhunter band and Dan's elves ( he played an elf faction whose name I can't remember but it wasn't one of the canon ones). Dan's merry band wiped the table with us with a final score of 3 warpstones to 1 each for myself and the Captain.

  The highlight for me was Dan's hunt for the Captain's merchant which according to the other players happens every game. The merchant hid in a building shaking in fright with pretty much half of the Captain's warband being his bodyguards while the rest of the skirmish raged on.
  My guys really need basing - Mordheim has inspired me to repair some poor misbegotten ghouls in my bits box. While inspired by the Captain's loaned dreg which is in actual fact a goblin painted as a humie, I will similarly convert one of my Night Goblins to be a dreg in the same vein.


  1. Dan plays Shadow Elves, a fairly non-specific race of elves which were originally developed by GW for Mordheim but then dropped from official status due to 'having no place in Mordheim', which is code for 'they were broken as all get-out'. Dan plays them as Dark Elves, and went to the trouble of skilling up for repeater xbows and even purchased cold-one mounts to add to the flavour.

    1. Aha I knew it was something like that but my brain was not working lol. Thanks Captain! By the way my attempted dreg conversion did not go well due to pinning issues. It's on hold while another part is in its way :)