Sunday, 3 August 2014

Doom, Guts and the Undead.

  More grossness for you to enjoy lol.

  First up, a Vampire Counts zombie painted up with Tamiya Red on his intestines - a kind gift from a new painting friend I have made :)


Next up is a Cairn Wraith. Great figure even though it is so simply designed. Shroud is a simple wash of Ogre Flesh or Reikland Flesh (can't remember which) on white followed by Bloodletter Glaze and drybrush with white. A real joy to paint.

Lastly an Imp from the Doom board game. Not the most detailed of figures but pretty good for a board game standard - one day, I will paint all the figures from my board games. One day...

And with the rest of his friends. The spidery things are called Trites. There are four different coloured teams in the game and I plan to paint each with its own corresponding colour. This is the 'red' team.

Until next time! :)

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