Saturday, 16 August 2014

Mini Oldhammer Day

Yesterday there was a get together to be had and it was goooood. I've been in contact with Captain Crooks from the Oldhammer forum and he invited Count von Bruno also and we got together for a day of Gorkamorka, Heroquest and 2nd edition 40K goodness.

Gorkamorka was a blast. We went in with three gangs with a simple 'grab the scrap scenario'. My guys were all bikers with grots. It was made all the more entertaining by poor Von Bruno's driving - he charged his vehicle at the Captain's only to lose control at the lost moment, leaving his back end exposed to the Captain's flamers. There is a real atmosphere of chaotic fun to the game and I would definitely play again - my grot ended up driving the bike after its driver fell off and landed in the dirt...

Okay - next game we played was Heroquest (and this time I have pictures).

The mechanics were simple, ALL the miniatures were painted and the company was great (couple of extra participants for this one). Probably the most fun I had all day. Above is my friend's elf in a standoff with a little goblin - I can just imagine the Sergio Leone music as the camera flits between their eyes.

  My attention deficit disorder barbarian recklessly opening yet ANOTHER door..

And lastly a badly lit pic of the undead picking on the Count's dwarf while a goblin blocks the rest of the party from saving him...
Last up the Count and I had a small game of 2nd ed 40K - his Squats and Space Wolves versus my Chaos. I like the old lists - Chaos was not specific to marines with a smattering of demons and you could field beastmen (not that I had any..).
The troops march to war...
Trench warfare...
Needless to say I was trounced. My missile launcher did little to dent his space wolves and their returning bolter fire was ruthless leaving one man of the squad cowering behind a building. On the other hand the cultist's fight was rendered ineffectual by the squats' flame thrower as well as the commander's grenade throwing skills - it promptly went off in his own hand taking out a couple of members of his own squad, breaking their morale!

Yep I have done a little bit of painting since my last post. All this Oldhammer influence has induced me to go back to my Chaotic Warhammer fantasy 3rd edition roots. Much browsing of eBay has brought back nostalgia for the chaos thugs. And much to my surprise there were female ones. Well only two, but I am sure other ranges can fill out a jazzy Slaaneshy female chaos thug warband. 

  Here be the first..

Yep lets say the colour combo might hurt the eyes but this Slaanesh after all - this is what she/he/it would approve of!

  'Til next time...


  1. I really took a gamble charging the Space Wolves at you like that, fortune seemed to favour the brave and where your traitor's shooting almost couldn't have been worse the loyalist marines' almost couldn't have been better.
    I had a feeling your Commander was about to level things out a bit on the other flank though. The bit where he got muddled and threw the pin and held the grenade was another one of "those things" haha.

    The HQ game was great fun thanks in no small part to James' most entertaining Game Mastering.
    The earthy Barbarian and Dwarf locked in mortal combat, and the two seemingly fickle magic users marching to the beat of their own drums and alternated from turning tail to saving the bacon all game.

    Gorkamorka was a first for me too, highlights for me included my ill fated ramming of James' Scorcha and your Nob commandeering my wartrak.
    Seems I got caught up in the Orkyness and forgot to grab any scrap...

    Great stuff mate.

  2. I also had a great time, and I'm glad you guys managed to get a game of 40k in after I scarpered ;)

    I've been tinkering with the Gorkamorka gangs to make them look ded 'ard for our next rumble... even got a couple of grot bikers on the build for when the inevitable happens ;)