Friday, 14 November 2014

…And the Goliaths are finally here!!

Later than promised and they did make it into the Necromunda game with their base coat and shading and glazes at least. After a couple of weeks, I finished the rest with highlighting, dry brushing etc and the all important eyes. And yup, I got my light box up and running at last :)

(Any light box camera tips humbly accepted…)


  1. Your light box is missing just one thing - the 'infinity edge'. Find some thick paper or thin cardboard (white, or light blue gradient are two popular ones, for the latter think 'eavy metal from the 90's WD's ). Atrach the front edge of the card to the front bottom of the box (closest to the camera) and allow it to curve up to the rear top corner without bending it at all. This will result in a smooth background that appears to go forever!

  2. Thanks. Yeah it was missing something! I'll sort that out!

  3. Very cool.
    Looking forward to seeing them on the table again soon!