Friday, 16 September 2016

Halloween Night Horror 2017 Diorama Competition

Another year and we limp towards the evil aura of that most dark of it All Hallow's Eve, Sahmain or all Hallows Eve, you'll be lucky to survive it with either your life or the thin thread of your sanity.

Over on the Night and Gothic Horrors Facebook page we're running a competition to create a diorama themed around one of the classic Night Horrors range from Citadel designed to chill your bones and get your heart thumping in your chest. If you follow this blog you'll have seen me blog about the miniatures from it numerous times.

A classically inspired horror scene with victim prey to an ancient menace or a B-movie slime monster about to consume the teen who went out by himself if this sounds like it might interest you, come and join us!

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