Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Villager's Party grows

Some of you may remember I painted up Corabell from Terror of the Lichemaster some time ago. She also features as 'Libertine' in the excellent C46 Villager range from Citadel Miniatures.

I've finished her basing and now given her a couple of companions of questionable character!

 The old fella in the middle is the 'Pedlar' from the C46 Travelling Players range of 1987. It's my favourite of all the civilians so far. There's so many small details and hidden surprises in the miniature and it tells a real story. Obviously the guy is tired but still ever so keen to sell his wares - presumably he's pointing the feathers trying to claim they are from some exotic bird? It's a Copplestone sculpt - a great sculptor and a concept that really plays to his strengths.

The second fellow is far less wholesome - he's named 'Scragger Luke' and from the C04 Thieves range. Apparently designed by the Perry Twins but it does beg the question, which one of the brothers? Maybe not as clean a sculpt (the knife isn't well formed and the legs are bandy) but an interesting sculpt nonetheless. He seems to be defending his loot - maybe from the local law enforcement? Something about it shrieked Native American to me so even though such a nation never existed in the Warhammer World this is how I painted him.

I have more from these fascinating ranges sitting untouched in drawers at the moment and I'm really keen to paint some more once my busy painting schedule quietens down a bit!


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